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Why Choose Rudderr

Why Choose Rudderr

We are a company that focuses on adding value to the brands and products we work with. Since our founding in 2017, we’ve quickly grown into a powerhouse organization with a winning strategy that has built strong relationships with over 150 vendors and achieves yearly revenues upwards of 5 million. Our 24 hour team works around the clock focusing on your goals and making sure we are aligned and exceeding expectations

We Know what it takes

We Know What it Takes

Do you want to be the only seller for your products but don’t know much or have time to manage Amazon? We are here to help consult you every step of the way

We Have the Resources

We Have The Resources

We assist our brands with gaining more control over their products by limiting online resellers. We take on the hassle of dealing with inventory replenishment, focus on advertising bids, and oversee case management should any issues arise.

What We DO

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Provide 24 Hour Customer Service
Customer Feedback
Sales Rank Statistics & Updates
Buybox Monitoring
Authorized & Unauthorized Seller(s) Updates
MAP Violation / Pricing Policy Support
Listing Optimization
Advertising Investments
Expanding into New Platforms
Launching New Products
Creating Multi Packs based on Customer Demand
Product Bundle Opportunities
Early Review Program(s)
FBA Inventory Management
Subscribe and Save
Understanding Competition and Identifying Gaps

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  • Two Paths

    We know that the market, as well as Amazon itself, is always changing. As your guides in this process, we have flexible options to suit the needs of your business, no matter how it may change or evolve.



    We have years of experience selling and marketing both our own manufactured items, as well as our various partners’ products, on Amazon. This is how our company began, in fact! If you prefer, we purchase your products from you. We work with you to create strategies for pricing and marketing, and Rudderr becomes your brand’s exclusive authorized third party re-seller on the Amazon marketplace. You’ll have the benefit of an incoming cash flow, and for us at Rudderr, our profits from this partnership then funnel back into providing services and optimizing your products on the Amazon marketplace.

    Brand Management

    Brand Management

    After years of time on the platform, we realized that some partners want more control of their brand on Amazon, but don’t fully understand the landscape. With this option, you bring us on board for our knowledge of the platform – whether that’s optimizing your marketing spend, managing inventory, or any other hurdle we encounter, we’ve got you covered. Whether starting from scratch or if you already have a selling account, we’ll guide you to success in the ever-evolving Amazon marketplace.

    Walmart is growing and so are you!

    Expand your reach across different platforms including and get your products ahead of the game. Walmart is growing fast in the eCommerce platform and they continue to innovate to get their share of the pie.

    We were selected by Walmart to be part of the Walmart Fulfillment Program - an invitation only program!

    Don't know how and where to start? We are here to help you. Save your time and energy for later, we got you here.

    Get the best of both worlds.

    Our Team is your Team

    You need the best people driving your brand's vision forward. You need a team who can create focused marketing strategies that align with your business goals, who can infuse creativity into groundbreaking campaigns, and can analyze data to optimize every tactic along the way. Get to know your team below.


    Owner / CEO

    Developed a company that focuses on assisting brands to steer in the right direction to meet sales goals. As challenging as that may be when it comes to online, our passionate team members drive our brands to successful business relationships lasting years to come.


    Inventory / Logistics Specialist

    Daily inventory management and sales analysis.  Analyze recent trends in the marketplace to ensure proper inventory levels are maintained as well as enacting procedures to keep everything operating smoothly. Also known as the “bundle master.” Researching products that would compliment each other and creating unique listings of various brands and products.


    General Manager

    Passionate about customer service and building trusting relationships with current and future brands. Big believer in communication and transparent about current and future goals. Growing long lasting relationships with our brands is my highest priority.


    Wholesale Account Manager

    Proposing the most favorable deals and helping maintain and bolster existing partnerships. Helps on settings and achieving sales objectives. Also known as our “fearless team leader.”


    Listing Optimization Specialist

    Bringing loads of knowledge and experience to the table with her unique ways to increase brand awareness. Researching creative terminology to better your products’ searchability for consumers.


    Account Representative

    Building and maintaining relationships with new and existing clients. Helping to develop and execute sales to accomplish revenue goals. Works around the clock to build brand relationships.

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  • Life Vac

  • Snugglesafe

  • Biokoma

  • Alumaloy

  • Oxygen Pro

  • Nested Naturals

  • Body Health

  • Cath Wear

  • Any Pet

  • Fish Shit

  • ReceptXtenders

  • Tec Accessories

  • Bear Blend

  • Bender Gloves

    bender gloves
  • Bioturf

  • Bobica

  • Demer Box

  • Dr Kellyann

  • 02 Blast

  • Omega Quant

  • Oral 7

    Oral 7
  • Paint Behind

  • Paw Check

  • Traditional Craft Kits

  • Wooly Wormit

  • Dr Joe

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