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Here are common problems we solve:

Selling Your Products on eMarketplaces is Destroying Your Brand Equity

If you have too many sellers (authorized and unauthorized) you have the inevitable “race to the bottom” in terms of pricing and control of your brand. This will destroy your brand and endanger all your bricks and mortar relationships.

MAP Violations

We have partnered with a leading law firm that specializes in putting systems in place to eliminate unauthorized sellers of your products online.  Once implemented, the system will grow profits and strengthen your brand across all channels.

Non Optimized Product Listing and Setup

Rudderr can implement all aspects of your eMarketplace branding including key word optimization, content optimization, brand messaging, product images and pricing. These services are complimentary when Rudderr sells your products, so our interests are 100% aligned with yours.

Core Services

Rudderr - Seller Intelligence
Product Assessment

Reviewing your current product listing on eMarketplaces to uncover deficiencies in the listings that may be hampering your sales and rankings.

Rudderr - Marketplace Brand Management
Marketplace Brand Management

All aspects of branding and selling on eMarketplaces. Our complimentary solutions and strategies will get more people: viewing, buying, experiencing, and talking about your products.

Rudderr - Enforcer
MAP Enforcement

Creating processes and strategies to enforce MAP violations by unauthorized sellers.  We have partnered with the leading law firm in the country to help implement a proven system and solution

Rudderr - Loyalty Solutions
Loyalty Solutions

Implementing email marketing campaigns that help create customer loyalties and generate positive reviews for your products as well as work with brand owners on answering and addressing all negative reviews

Rudderr - Marketplace Analytics
Marketplace Reporting

Utilizing tools that create ongoing reporting and metrics for your various product lines to help you create strategies to position you ahead of the trends.

Rudderr - Authorized Resellers
Authorized Resellers

Unique solution in which we waive all marketing agency fees to market, optimize and promote your products by purchasing your product wholesale and pack and ship your product, ensuring alignment with your strategies.

The Management Team

Our Management Team is both talented and experienced in the eMarketplace space

Rudderr - Karl Plattner
Karl Plattner

Karl’s been working within marketplaces and online marketing for more than a decade. As President of Rudderr, Karl champions marketplace growth initiatives for clients and proprietary brands.

Prior to Rudderr, Karl worked as a Senior Vice President in ecommerce Online Banking for Bank of America as well as created, launched and sold an online event marketing and ticketing company. In both positions developed product strategies for clients to foster ecommerce channel sales, marketplace search engine optimization, control, and longevity. Karl has extensive experience in all facets of selling on Amazon and it is his passion. Karl holds a MBA from Wake Forest University in Marketing and a Bachelors degree from University of Illinois.

Rudderr - Shannon Fennell
Shannon Fennell

Shannon began her career on the east coast as a communication manager at a private liberal arts college. After realizing her passion for online commerce and technology-driven businesses, she transitioned into the world of online retail.

Her extensive experience in buying and high level operations help ensure smooth sailing for Rudderr and her clients. Executing efficient solutions for sellers of Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces has become not only a passion for Shannon, but also a proven battle plan for successful e-commerce businesses. She holds a Masters Degree from University of South Carolina and a Bachelors degree from Furman University

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